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                Difference shows scanning to measure hot appearance

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                DZ3335 difference shows scanning to measure hot appearance main technique parameter:
                DSC DZ3335
                DSC span 100mW
                800 ℃ of ~ of temperature limits room temperature are aleatoric set
                30 ℃ of ~ of 1 of rate-of-rise of air temperature / Min
                Temperature resolution 0.1 ℃
                0.3 ℃ of ± of temperature wave motion
                Temperature repeatability 0.5 ℃ of ±
                2000uV of DTA span ±
                DTA noise 0.01 ℃
                DTA resolution 0.005 ℃
                DTA accuracy 0.1uV
                DTA sensitivity 0.2uV
                Aleatoric set of 0 ~ 300 Min of constant temperature time
                Accuse lukewarm means to warm up, constant temperature (program automata)
                ± of 10 ~ 300 ML/min of aeriform velocity of flow 10% can adjust arbitrarily
                Atmosphere controls a static state or dynamic atmosphere distributes unit of aeriform flow control
                Liquid crystal of big screen of indication means Chinese character shows
                Export system of means personal computer, printer
                The curve depicts software of use form a complete set to be able to print experimental forms for reporting statistics self-recording DSC curve, automatically
                Deploy RS232 interface, flowmeter of special software, gas, atmosphere changes unit
                Power source AC220V 50Hz
                Match couplet of whole nation of computer of brand of hard disk of 8 0G of memory of 512M of 17 inches of liquid crystal to protect

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